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Welcome to my Portfolio!

I'm a Game Designer with project experience in team sizes ranging from solo to 50+. I design, build, and script levels and worlds that merge gameplay and narrative. I am a programmer, an artist, and a musician. My goal is always to create an impactful experience in every project I work on, and most importantly- use multiple disciplines to guide a project to a single focused vision.

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ROLE: Design, Programming, Art, Music



TECH: Unity, Maya, Substance Painter

PONDER is a high-action fishing simulation set in a lush fantasy world. It started as my capstone project for my final semester at my University, and will finish as a full experience on Steam.

PONDER is still in development. Breakdowns are coming soon!


ROLE: Design, Programming, Art, Music


RELEASE DATE: Summer 2023

TECH: Unity, Aseprite

BREW BALLS is a game I made solo as part of the SGDA Fall '22 "Pick Your Poison" game jam. This submission won "Best Audio" as well as "Best Overall" in the competition. I spent the following summer polishing it before shipping "Arcade Edition" to, and will soon be in an Arcade Machine inside of my University!

BREW BALLS is playable in-browser. Check it out right here on this website!

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ROLE: Lead Game Designer


RELEASE DATE: Spring 2024

TECH: Unreal 5

Cosmic Combat is a multiplayer party game similar to Fusion Frenzy or Mario Party


I was responsible for overseeing the Design department, as well as directing the other leads alongside the Producer of the game through the initial concept and prototyping phases of development.

You can download Cosmic Combat on the AHT Game Lab website

Screenshot 2024-05-16 160903.png

ROLE: Level Designer


RELEASE DATE: Spring 2023

TECH: Unreal 5

On Death Bloom, I was responsible for the third and final level of the game. The player navigates a hedge maze searching for the missing pieces of the 'moondial', and uses the device to control the phases of the moon and alter the level.

You can download Death Bloom on the AHT Game Lab website

Demos & Rapid Prototypes

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